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Nozomi was born and raised in the countryside of Japan surrounded by rice fields. Growing up, she was taught the importance of harmony. In high school, Nozomi traveled to study in Norway. She came to Canada as a student eager to study at a college and university and further to explore what she can do in this world. In Edmonton, Alberta, Nozomi has completed a university degree and worked in health and wellness fields with people with various ages and abilities. Nozomi is a self-taught photographer. Since she was a child, she has been taking photography mainly to share some moments in life with her family and friends who were in distance so that they feel close and connected. The type of the camera she used for the most of the time was a disposable camera. In summer 2021, Nozomi started to apply for photography contests as encouraged by people around her. Many said that her photography brings them a sense of calmness and peace. It was also during this time that she started to focus on using photography to promote the sense of connections and harmony. In late spring 2022, Nozomi started to work on her photography more for herself so that she could better connect with herself and all beings around. Since then, her photographs have been exhibited in North America, Europe, and beyond. For Nozomi, photography is an experience. It has brought her adventures. Interacting with people and all beings around her has been a fruitful experience which has been influencing her creativity. Nozomi always appreciates everyone for being a part of her journey. 


Most of my photos are focused on things/ lives/energy that surround me like landscape, nature, architecture, etc. I use photography to promote sense of connections. I believe arts help viewers and artists become aware of our inner self. This experience shows us our true nature. Photography is an experience to me. Whether it is with the nature, animals, people, or energy, every interaction I have had is influencing my creativity. Thank you very much for being a part of this journey.


  • Collaborative work, The Model Minority 2024 by Rabbits Three Cultural Connections- May 

  • Solo Exhibition, La Cité Francophone, Edmonton – April to June

  • Group Exhibition and In partnership with la Coalition des Femmes, CAVA, Edmonton - April to May

  • Solo Exhibition, The Alliance française of Edmonton, Edmonton – February to March

  • Solo Exhibition, Enbridge Centre, Edmonton - February to March

  • InFocus Photography Exhibition, Wild Skies Gallery, Edmonton - February to April

  • Exposure Photo Fest, Emerging Artists Exhibition, Contemporary Calgary, Calgary – February to March

  • 2023 Art-O-Rama, Harcourt House, Edmonton - December

  • Winter Wonderland Exhibit 2, Night of Artists, Edmonton – December to January

  • Small Works, Big WOW, Red Brick Common Public Art Gallery, Stony Plain – December to January

  • Miniature CAVA, Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta (CAVA), Edmonton – November to December

  • YEG Artisan Christmas Market, Edmonton – November

  • Art from the Unknown, Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre, Edmonton – November

  • Night of Artists Artwalk - October

  • Capital City Art, Edmonton Public Library, Edmonton – September to November

  • Summer Bliss, Night of Artists Gallery Featured Exhibition, Edmonton – August

  • Harcourt House Members Show and Sale “No Fear!”, Edmonton – June to July

  • Solo exhibition “Notre Été”, CAVA, Edmonton – June to September Xposé 2023, Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators, Toronto – June to July

  • Solo Exhibit, Block 1912, Edmonton – April to May Night of Artists Gallery Featured – March to April

  • Night of Artists Artwalk, Edmonton – March

  • Origami Workshop with FAFA(Fédération des aînés franco-albertains) - February

  • InFocus Photo Exhibit, “Bringing Joy”, Edmonton – January to April

  • Artists’ Lens, Alberta Society of Artists, Calgary – January to February

  • 2022 Winter Show and Sale, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton – December

  • Art-O-Rama Art Sale, Harcourt House, Edmonton – December

  • The Art of Wellness, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton – November

  • ARTfullness, Londonderry Mall, Edmonton – November to December

  • Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta (CAVA), Edmonton – September to present

  • Strathearn ArtWalk, Edmonton - September

  • Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton – July to present

  • Clair-i-Tea, Edmonton – July to August

  • Allied Arts Council, Spruce Grove - July

  • The Dereck Golf and Winter Club, Edmonton – June to present

  • Mood Café, Edmonton – May to August

  • Friends of University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton – May

  • Your Best Shot, Athens, Greece – January to March

  • Symmetry, The Motif Collective - September

  • Street Photography, Athens, Greece- November to December

  • Fine Art, Athens, Greece – October to November


  • EAC Grant Equity & Access in the Arts (Stream 1): Exploration and Experimentation 2023

  • Minimalist Photography Awards Honourable mention

  • Europhotometeo gallery selection

  • Symmetry, The Motif Collective Theme Shortlist

  • Street Photography, Athens, Greece- November to December

  • Fine Art, Athens, Greece – October to November

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